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A BETTER WAY TO GO—With ever-increasing ridership on our public transportation systems throughout the Commonwealth, it has never been more important for our leaders to adequately fund public transit.


From Boston to the Berkshires and all across America, the way that we get around has a tremendous impact on our quality of life. But our transportation system is in trouble. We waste hours sitting in traffic on roads in poor repair, and we spend billions of tax dollars on wasteful projects, when we should be investing in statewide public transportation and road maintenance and repair. It is time to get Massachusetts on track.

MASSPIRG is working on Beacon Hill and in Washington, D.C., to ensure that we fully fund public transportation in the Commonwealth and across the country, expand transit options for everyone, and prioritize a “fix-it-first” approach for maintaining our transit infrastructure.


A key problem with transit in Massachusetts is that the MBTA is deep in debt, and without any action things will just continue to get worse.

So MASSPIRG is supporting the Transportation Economic Development and Ridership Act, filed by state Rep. Carl Sciortino (Medford), which would fully fund statewide public transportation and mandate increased transit ridership in the commonwealth.

We are also working to get the state to fulfill its mandate to extending the Green Line into Somerville and Medford to mitigate environmental impacts from the Big Dig. Recently, when officials announced yet another delay to this project, MASSPIRG spoke up and called on Gov. Deval Patrick to stand by his pledge to see the extension completed during his time in office.

MASSPIRG will continue to fight for robust, fully funded transit options for all Bay Staters.

Issue updates

Do Roads Pay for Themselves?

A new report released today from MASSPIRG disproves the myth that road-building is paid for by user-fees, showing that gas taxes cover barely half the costs of building and maintaining roads.


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Expanding Public Transportation

Fewer cars will clog Boston’s highways thanks to an upcoming five-mile extension of the Green Line. Our research and advocacy helped build support for the project. We also helped convince state leaders to begin study on four additional major rail expansions.

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A Track Record of Success

Drawing lessons from other countries, a new study from MASSPIRG shows that high-speed rail can boost our economy, save energy, curb pollution and provide a popular alternative to congested roads and airports.

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The Road Work Ahead

Neglected maintenance of roads and bridges acts as a constant drain on our economy and a scourge on our quality of life. Rough and rutted roads cause accidents, damage vehicles, trigger traffic jams that lead to countless hours of delay, and waste money Americans need for other expenses.

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Priority Action

Short-term fixes to the T's budget problems that will cut ridership aren't the answer. We need a long-term solution that will keep Mass. on track.

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