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How to Find Help for Consumer Problems
Last updated: 5/31/2017

MASSPIRG Consumer Action Center
Taking legal action against a business or a service for consumer protection violations may be a long and costly process. Mediation provides a voluntary, informal channel of resolving disputes to reach a mutually agreeable settlement.

Who are we?
Established in 1989, the MASSPIRG Consumer Action Center is one of a number of  local mediation programs working with the Department of the Attorney General in Massachusetts to assist consumers in resolving complaints. 

What do we do?
MASSPIRG Consumer Action Center’s volunteer mediators help parties resolve their disputes through an informal mediation process by way of phone calls and written correspondence. Mediators facilitate communication between the two parties, help to define the problem, and work on reaching viable solutions. Topics mediated by the office include: advertising, automobile sales and repair, contracts, credit reporting problems, debt collection, health spa concerns, home improvement transactions, landlord/tenant disputes, mail and phone orders, mortgage issues, retail sales, scams, sweepstakes, telemarketing, timeshare, and travel.

How do you get in contact with us?
If you would like to seek mediation help from the Consumer Action Center, please fill out a consumer complaint form, and make two copies (although individual complaints are mediated by the MASSPIRG office, information on all complaints is forwarded to the Attorney General’s Office for permanent record keeping). Click here to open PDF version of the complaint form.

Mail the complaint form to:
MASSPIRG Consumer Action Center
Whipple Center
182 Green Street
North Weymouth, MA 02191

Or send it via email

Once the Consumer Action Center receives your complaint, it may take several weeks to review your complaint due to the large volume of complaints received. While the office reviews your complaint we suggest that you contact the party or parties you are complaining against, if you have not already done so, in order to attempt to reach a settlement.

Please note: The MASSPIRG Consumer Action Center is staffed by mediators trained in dispute resolution and consumer rights, not by attorneys. We cannot give out legal advice, nor do we have the staff to research individual legal questions. If you have a question concerning the specific application or interpretation of a law or laws, you should consult a private attorney.
If mediation efforts are not successful, you may wish to seek relief through small claims court, arbitration or a private attorney.

Contact Information
Jeanne Foy, Director MASSPIRG Consumer Action Center
Whipple Center
182 Green Street
North Weymouth, MA 02191
Telephone: (781) 335-0280
Fax: (781) 340-3991
Email Jeanne

Additional Resources:
For further information or to find out how to file a complaint if you live outside of the Weymouth service area, visit the Attorney General’s website about local consumer programs.

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