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New Report Highlights the Painful Impact of Federal “Regulatory Reform” Proposals

A new report finds that Massachusetts’ lives, health and livelihoods would be at risk if so-called “regulatory reform” proposals in Congress were to become law, slowing or stopping the regulatory process. The report details the number of Baystaters harmed in just a one-year delay in the upcoming rulemaking process for two critical consumer protection laws: the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) higher standard in limiting soot in the air, and the Food and Drug Administrations’ new rules for the safe handling of produce.

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massachusetts Lives at Risk

The United States Congress is currently considering so-called “regulatory reform” legislation that would add new bureaucratic hurdles to stall and, in some cases, stop the creation of new safeguards and standards that hold corporations accountable and protect the public. According to our analysis, the result would be demonstrable harm for the people of Massachusetts.

College Textbooks: Money-Saving Tips

Being a smart consumer could save you hundreds of dollars every year.  Follow these tips to save on textbooks!

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Campaign for Health Care Reform

America’s health care system is structured for drug industry, insurance company, and medical specialty profits, not better health outcomes for you.

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MASSPIRG Testifies on Rx Drug Marketing bills Urges Committee to Support Bills that Rein in Healthcare Costs

MASSPIRG testified today before the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Public Health on a handful of bills that would add to or work to decrease Massachusetts’ highest-in-the-nation healthcare costs.

News Release | MASSPIRG | Health Care

Keep the Focus on Lowering Health Care Costs

Statement from the Legislative Director of MASSPIRG on Blue Cross Blue Shield’s decision to give back $4.26 million to their customers after AG investigation into the excessive compensation awarded to former CEO Cleve Killingsworth. 


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Tell your senators to oppose the “Financial CHOICE Act,” which would gut Wall Street reforms and destroy the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as we know it.

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