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Dorchester Reporter - More state officials cite need for new transportation revenue sources

Momentum appears to be building in House Speaker Robert DeLeo’s circle of deputies for a short-term solution to an MBTA budget bind that threatens to crush commuters with 40 percent fare hikes and crippling service cuts.

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MASSPIRG Says: “Too Far a Hike”

In response to an MBTA proposal that would raise fares, reduce service, and eliminate several critical bus routes, MASSPIRG Staff Attorney Lizzi Weyant said, “The MBTA should not be balancing the books on the backs of riders.”

College Textbooks: Money-Saving Tips

Being a smart consumer could save you hundreds of dollars every year.  Follow these tips to save on textbooks!

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New Report Shows How College Students and Senior Citizens Need More Public Transportation in Massachusetts

New report identifies the unique benefits that public transportation provides students seniors, their families, and the Commonwealth as a whole.

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Common Connections

College students and senior citizens account for more than one out of every five Massachusetts residents and share a need for high-quality alternatives to driving—particularly public transportation.

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MASSPIRG Assesses the Risks and Rewards of Public-Private Partnerships

A new MASSPIRG report examines whether high-speed rail should be public, private, or both. While public-private partnerships for high-speed rail could be very promising, they can also create a lot of pitfalls.

High-Speed Rail: Public, Private or Both?

High-speed rail public-private partnerships and efforts toward rail privatization abroad have a mixed track record. This report reviews a number of international cases of better and worse cases of contracting in Europe and Asia.


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