MASSPIRG Testimony before the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy

Chairman Thomas Golden

Chairman Michael Barrett

Members of the Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy

Statehouse, Boston MA

May 30, 2019

RE:  S. 1986/H. 2832 An Act relative to Energy Savings Efficiency

MASSPIRG is a statewide, non-profit and non-partisan consumer advocacy organization working to protect consumers’ health and pocket books for more than 45 years. We have been working on energy efficiency issues for decades and supported the passage of the Massachusetts Appliance Standards Act in 2004.

We are here today to fully support S. 1986/H. 2832 An Act relative to Energy Savings Efficiency filed by Senator Lewis and Representative Cutler and a bipartisan group of 100 legislators and urge you to support the bill as you did last session.

The bill updates energy and water efficiency standards for common household and commercial appliances. Efficiency standards ensure that the products we purchase use less energy and water while preserving quality and affordability.

Our current energy and water use practices harm our environment, the climate and our health — and to make matters worse, much of the energy we produce is wasted. The cleanest form of energy is the energy we don’t consume in the first place. Using energy and water more efficiently means less pollution and a healthier climate, planet and people.

Adopting efficiency standards for appliances and household products would significantly reduce our energy and water consumption, help prevent air and water pollution and climate-altering carbon emissions; while saving consumers money.

If these updated appliance standards were adopted, Massachusetts residents, businesses, and local and state governments would save more than $138 million annually by 2025. These savings grow to $287 million annually by 2035.

S. 1986/H. 2832 will bring key benefits to Massachusetts

·         Affordability: Consumers and businesses save money on utility bills with reduced consumption

·         Cleaner Energy: Public health and air quality improve when carbon emissions and pollutants are cut

·         Water Savings: Reduced strain on water infrastructure lessens need for expensive water

·         Climate Goals: Helps state meet goals of Global Warming Solutions Act and maintains top rating for Energy Efficiency

·         #2 Energy Saving tool: After fuel economy standards, appliance standards rank as the biggest energy saver!


We urge you to pass the bill quickly from your committee.




Deirdre Cummings

Legislative Director



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