Why vote NO on Question 1?


Voting no on Question 1 will keep the funds already set aside to make our roads and bridges safe.

After decades of neglect, the poor condition of Massachusetts’ roads and bridges is now a major public safety crisis. The problem is startling:according to the most recent federal data, Massachusetts has 487 structurally deficient bridges out of the 5,136 total. A NO vote will send a clear message: we’re against crumbling roads and bridges, and the risk they pose to Massachusetts drivers and their families.

Question 1 would eliminate a key part of the funding that has been set aside by the state Constitution to pay for transportation projects across the state - $1 billion in transportation improvements over the next decade The Transportation Finance Act of 2013 provided dedicated funding to fix our roads, bridges, and public transportation system. It set up a stable, predictable source of funding that allows the state to plan years ahead as it works to address Massachusetts infrastructure and public safety crisis. Queston 1 would mean our roads and bridges will continue to deteriorate – threatening the safety of Massachusetts drivers and their families.

That’s why Massachusetts voters should vote NO.

Numerous state and municipal leaders have endorsed voting No on 1. Watch Governor Deval Patrick explain why he is opposed to Question 1.