Five all-electric buses will serve the Silver Line between South and East Boston starting in late July, providing a much cleaner and quieter ride to passengers. The MBTA will also begin rolling out 194 new hybrid buses in August, which will emit 41,000 fewer tons of greenhouse gases over their lifetimes as compared to traditional diesel vehicles.

Across the country, the transition to electric buses is picking up speed. Mayors in 127 cities across 38 states have committed to buying more than 2,100 electric government vehicles—including school buses—by 2020.

"We'll have gone from virtually no electric buses in our country just five years ago to nearly 5,000 by 2025," said Matt Casale, staff attorney with MASSPIRG. "The payoffs for our health and our climate and the savings for cities' transportation budgets will be enormous."

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Photo Caption: Matt Casale, staff attorney with MASSPIRG, stands in front of an MBTA station during an electric bus event. Photo Credit: Athelston Rogers Photography