MASSPIRG hosts webinar to call for better plastics policies coming out of pandemic

During the pandemic, single-use plastics masqueraded as a more hygienic alternative to reusable options. Not only has this been proven false, but we now have more plastic waste than officials know what to do with.

On July 16, MASSPIRG joined Community Action Works and other groups to host a webinar promoting better plastics policies as we emerge from the pandemic. State Reps. Marjorie Decker and Michelle Ciccolo joined the event to speak about bills they've introduced in the State House to restrict the use of plastics and update the Massachusetts bottle bill. To give these bills a boost, the webinar's hosts also trained the more than 100 attendees on how to advocate for bills in the state Legislature.

While there's still a ways to go before these bills become law, it's clear Bay Staters are passionate about reducing plastic waste — 144 cities and towns in the commonwealth have already passed some form of a ban on single-use plastics. 

Watch the webinar.

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Ban single-use plastic foam items in Massachusetts

One of the best ways to reduce the amount of trash headed to landfills is to ban items such as plastic foam cups and takeout containers. Tell our governor to ban single-use polystyrene items today.

Photo: Massachusetts lawmakers and activists joined a webinar in July to discuss ways to "build back better" from the pandemic without single-use plastic. Credit: Staff