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The law of the land in Boston is that the city plows the streets, but residents are responsible for the sidewalks.

The result? "A patchwork of clear sidewalks and not-so-clear sidewalks," as MASSPIRG's Transportation Campaign Director Matt Casale aptly put it in his March 12 blog, "Why is the road clear of snow, but not the sidewalk?" This practice turns non-drivers' commutes into a hike through snow and streets.

"We designed our transportation network to move cars, often to the exclusion of other modes of transportation," Matt wrote. "It doesn’t have to be this way. We can build a transportation network that gives people more options, and lets people get around easier without needing a car."

MASSPIRG is working to fix our transportation system. Matt proposes the city can help by plowing the busiest sidewalks so more people can walk to work or school or to the T.

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Photo Caption: The city of Boston plows the streets, but leaves most sidewalks piled with snow. (Credit: Fuhvah via Wikimedia Commons CC by SA 4.0)

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