If you want to prevent lead poisoning, the best solution is simple: Get the lead out of anywhere that people, especially children, can be exposed to it.

That's why on Oct. 22, in honor of Lead Poisoning Prevention Week, MASSPIRG partnered with our national network to release a new and improved toolkit to get the lead out of schools' drinking water.

“At a time when we have driverless cars and 3D printers, we shouldn't tolerate a system that delivers lead-laden water to anyone, let alone our children,” said Deirdre Cummings, consumer program director for MASSPIRG. “Luckily, this is one problem we know how to fix. We just need to do it.”

Whether you're a parent, teacher or concerned citizen, you can use our toolkit to help get the lead out of your local schools. The kit provides a factsheet, video, templates for action materials and links to additional resources.

Read more about our campaign and download the toolkit here.

Photo Caption: The water fountains children drink from every day should not have any trace of lead. 

Photo Credit: Duplass via Shutterstock