Our watchdog team researches products, alerts consumers when there is a problem and provides tools and resources so consumers can protect themselves.

Tens of thousands of new products are introduced to the marketplace every year, and while consumers have access to more information about products than ever before, product reviews and online surveys rarely identify hidden hazards and risks that can be found in many of today’s products.

This year, our Watchdog team has discovered four product safety issues that we want to make sure consumers are aware of:

Keeping You And Your Family Safe

For decades, our Consumer Watchdog team has conducted independent testing and research to identify dangers that can pose risks to our health, safety or well-being. And we’ve worked to strengthen rules protecting consumers, get unsafe products taken off the market, and promote policies and develop resources to better equip consumers to protect their own interests.

And we’ve had some success. We’ve helped to get toxic chemicals out of children’s art supplies, make prescription drugs safer and more affordable, helped to pass the nation's first auto Lemon Laws. Our research has led to recalls or other actions taken on over 150 dangerous toys and other children's projects.

Illinois PIRG Education Fund State Director Abe Scarr, with Chicago doctors, child safety advocates and state Attorney General Lisa Madigan, releases our 2017 Trouble In Toyland report.
Supreet Muppa
More Needs To Be Done

Today’s internet-connected products pose new risks. Add to that the sheer volume of new products available, the ease with which we can purchase them, and changing materials and technologies, and it can be hard for people to protect themselves. In addition, the Trump administration is cutting funding for consumer programs and placing opponents of consumer protection in charge of the agencies we count on to enforce important protections, so there are fewer resources and weaker enforcement to protect consumers, leaving us more vulnerable in the marketplace.

We need more independent testing, consumer education and targeted advocacy to preserve the protections we already have. That’s where you come in.

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