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Consumer, Student Education Groups Defend CFPB To Congress | Chris Lindstrom

Nearly 60 student, consumer, and education groups signed on to this letter that was sent up to the Hill on Monday, February 13.  It calls for the CFPB to remain a strong, independent agency, so it can protect student loan borrowers (and taxpayers) from predatory lending tactics.

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Report | U.S. PIRG | Financial Reform

Student, Education, and Consumer Groups Defend CFPB To Congress

On February 13, nearly 60 local, state and national student advocacy, professional, consumer, educational, faith and other organizations sent a letter to Congressional leaders expressing "strong support for the crucial work the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) does on behalf of student loan borrowers." The "borrower-focused" letter also urged Congress "to ensure the agency remains well-positioned to solve borrowers’ problems, which includes protecting the Bureau’s single-Director structure and its independent funding, and maintaining Director Richard Cordray until his term ends.

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News Release | U.S. PIRG | Consumer Protection

Court to Rehear CFPB’s Constitutionality

Statement by Mike Landis, Litigation Director at U.S. PIRG, about today’s decision by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals to rehear en banc the panel ruling against the CFPB’s independent leadership. 

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News Release | MASSPIRG | Public Health

It’s Time to Get the Lead out of School Drinking Water

MASSPIRG launches campaign to get lead out of drinking water at schools and day care centers.

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Report | MASSPIRG EDUCATION FUND | Public Health

Get the Lead Out

New report highlights public health threats from drinking water in schools.

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News Release | MASSPIRG | Consumer Protection

MASSPIRG Demands Real Penalties for Volkswagen and Full Rebates for Customers

Volkswagen must be held accountable for its “defeat device” scheme to trick EPA pollution tests - and must provide rebates to all 500,000 customers deceived into joining the scheme by VW’s false promises of “clean” diesel cars.

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News Release | U.S. PIRG | Consumer Protection, Make VW Pay

We Launch “Make VW Pay Campaign” Over EPA Cheating Scandal

Today we launched a “Make VW Pay Campaign” as VW's CEO resigned over the scandal surrounding its "defeat device" scheme (and subsequent cover-up) to trick EPA pollution monitoring computers in nearly half a million diesel cars sold in the U.S. We are demanding a full rebate in buy backs to customers and other accountability.

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News Release | MASSPIRG | Food

MA Residents Turn Out in Large Numbers for GMO Labeling Hearing on Beacon Hill

Today, residents from across the Commonwealth filled the Gardner Auditorium of the State House to testify in support of  legislation that would ensure that all foods sold in Massachusetts that contain genetically engineered ingredients be clearly labeled. The Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture held a public hearing for H. 3242 - An Act establishing the genetic engineering transparency food and seed labeling act.

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Media Hit | Public Health

Subway needs hard plan for going antibiotic-free

MASSPIRG's David Melly calls on Subway to stop serving meat raised with antibiotics in a letter to the Cape Cod Times.

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Media Hit | Food

Our Opinion: Pass a GMO labeling law in Massachusetts

Berkshire Eagle calls for GMO food labeling.

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Blog Post | Budget, Health Care

Testimony in Opposition to an Act Relative to Restaurant Rejuvenation | Deirdre Cummings

The Prescription Drug and Medical Device Ban is an important consumer protection law aimed at driving down our highest-in-the-nation, spiraling health care costs by reining in the drug and medical device industries’ aggressive marketing tactics. Among other things, the law bans gifts and/or payments of more than $50, including restaurant meals and entertainment, to physicians and other prescribers, from drug and medical device companies.

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Blog Post | Consumer Protection

Testimony in Opposition to bills which would weaken or repeal the Food Store Item Pricing Law | Deirdre Cummings

The food store item pricing law requires supermarkets to put price stickers on most items in supermarkets.  It is a long-standing, efficacious, and overwhelmingly popular consumer protection.  While MASSPIRG does not categorically oppose the adoption of new pricing technology, we do oppose legislation that would allow stores to substitute a pricing mechanism that offers less consumer benefit than what we have today. In considering any change to our current retail pricing system, it must first provide equal or better benefits to the consumer to be considered as a substitute. The eight proposals before you today do not provide equal or improved consumer benefits.

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Blog Post | Consumer Protection

Testimony in Favor of Cell Phone Users’ Bill of Rights (SB 1692) | Deirdre Cummings

For too long, consumers have been getting blindsided by surprise charges on their cellphone bills. Wireless companies are not providing adequate, uniform tools for people to keep up with their accounts. Notifying customers before they exceed their limits is a simple, effective way to prevent ‘bill shock.’”

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Blog Post

Testimony in Support of An Act to Promote Efficiency and Transparency in Economic Development | Deirdre Cummings

State and municipal investments of public dollars in private enterprises must be held to highest level of transparency and accountability in order to ensure the most efficient use of our limited and valuable tax dollars. Currently, transparency and accountability of the economic development tax subsidies are poor and/or non-existent in some cases. As a result, while many of the subsidies may be worthwhile investments, others are not. And worse, there is not enough publicly accessible information to identify if or which subsidies are in fact benefiting the state, and if so, to what extent and at what cost.

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Blog Post | Consumer Protection

Comments in support of Proposed Regulations, 940 CMR 28.00: Testimony on the Regulation of the Sale of Private Passenger Automobile Insurance | Deirdre Cummings

We are here today in full support of the Attorney General’s proposed regulations, 940 CMR 28.00, which provide long overdue and much needed consumer protections to Massachusetts drivers in the new deregulated auto insurance system. In short, the proposed regulations require the insurers to focus more on how we drive – instead of on who we are – in determining our premiums.

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