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 Label GMO Foods UMass students organized by MassPIRG delivered 380 petitions from their fellow students to Super Stop and Shop in Hadley March 8. The petitions ask the popular grocery chain to label its house products to show when they contain genetically manipulated components. The students said it's time for Stop and Shop to join Whole Foods, which agreed to label products with GMO ingredients a year ago. "Whole Foods took a big step, and it's time for Stop and Shop to deliver for its customers," said Sarah Schomp (pictured, second from left), a sophomore at UMass who is GMO campaign coordinator for MassPIRG. "Polls consistently show more than 90 percent of the public supports labeling." Earlier that same week, two major grocery chains, Kroger and Safeway, joined Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and Target in pledging not to carry genetically engineered salmon even if the federal Food and Drug Administration approves it for sale. And the makers of Cheerios and Grape Nuts announced earlier this winter that they were removing GMO elements from those classic cereals.* ?SK

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