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News Release | MASSPIRG | Consumer Protection

Warehouse Clubs' "Guess the Price" Bill on Governor's Desk

Tucked away as inconspicuous amendments to the economic development bill now on the Governor’s desk are several provisions that will strip warehouse club shoppers of their basic rights to price disclosure and protection from scanner overcharges, according to consumer groups.

News Release | MASSPIRG | Consumer Protection

Consumer Groups Urge Lawmakers to Keep Price Disclosure Law Intact

Consumer groups urged state lawmakers to reject a special interest loophole that would exempt warehouse clubs from any state oversight and requirements for price disclosure and sign accuracy in their grocery departments.

News Release | MASSPIRG | Democracy, Financial Reform

MASSPIRG Executive Director urging Senator Brown to support the DISCLOSE Act

MASSPIRG is strongly urging Senator Brown to stand up and support the DISCLOSE Act, which will require corporations to disclose their campaign contributions.

News Release | MASSPIRG | Consumer Protection, Financial Reform

Historic Wall Street Reform Passes Senate

Today the Senate passed the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act by a count of 60 to 39. The bill is a response to the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.


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