A History Of Action In The Public Interest: The 1970's

A sampling of the state PIRGs' accomplishments

Safe Sleepwear

1973: Colorado PIRG, North Carolina PIRG and others release an exposé resulting in strengthening of federal Consumer Product Safety Commission flammability standards for children's sleepwear.
Affordable Dental Care

1973: Vermont PIRG wins the Tooth Fairy Law, creating the nation's first public dental health program for children. Four years later, the dental costs of those enrolled in the program had declined as routine care replaced costly emergency treatment.

Generic Prescription Drugs

1970s: Consumers can buy prescription drugs without expensive name-brand markups thanks to generic drug laws won by PIRGs in Michigan (1974), Alaska (1975), Massachusetts (1976), New York (1977) and Vermont (1978).

Small Claims Court

1976: Missouri PIRG helps establish the state's Small Claims Court system, allowing Missouri residents to take claims of $500 or less to court without an attorney.

Wilderness Protection

1978: After winning protection of Minnesota's Boundary Waters Canoe Area as wilderness five years earlier, Minnesota PIRG helps wins congressional protection for the area.

Solar Energy

1978-79: NJPIRG and VPIRG win tax incentives for solar power in New Jersey and Vermont in 1978. MASSPIRG wins a similar policy for Massachusetts in 1979.

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