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By | Andre Delattre
Executive Director, U.S. PIRG

There’s a lot unfolding in Washington, D.C., right now, and you may be wondering: “What can I do to voice my concerns?”

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Winning voter reforms in Massachusetts

MASSPIRG helped win two important reforms to engage new voters and give all citizens an equal opportunity to vote. We fought for and won online voter registration, which allows residents with state IDs or driver’s licenses to register to vote online. We also won early voting, which allows residents to vote 11 business days before Election Day.   

Need Help with A Consumer Problem?

Taking legal action against a business or a service for consumer protection violations may be a long and costly process. Mediation provides a voluntary, informal channel of resolving disputes to reach a mutually agreeable settlement.

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Legislative Briefing Informs Lawmakers of VOTES Act Benefits

BOSTON -- State legislators and staff gathered virtually today for a briefing on “An Act Fostering Voter Opportunities Trust, Equity, and Security.” The briefing was hosted by Senator Cindy Creem and Representative John Lawn, who filed the legislation, and sponsored by advocacy organizations in the Election Modernization Coalition. Peg Perl, the Director of Elections for Arapahoe County in Colorado, discussed how reforms that are included in the VOTES Act work in practice in Colorado.

A full recording of the briefing is available here.

Your Choice, Your Voice: Yes on Question 2

By | Janet Domenitz
Executive Director

Ranked Choice Voting (RCV), proposed via Question 2 on the Massachusetts November ballot, gives voters more voice.

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Second Round of Ballot Applications Sent to Voters: Advocates Expect Record Turnout in November

After September’s extremely successful primary election with record turnout, the next round of vote-by-mail ballot applications is due to be mailed to registered voters this week. The September 1 Primary Election saw historic levels of participation: 1.7 million voters - nearly 37 percent of registered Bay Staters - cast ballots, and almost half of those voters participated by mail. The previous high was 1.4 million votes cast in 1994. An online portal to request a ballot is also expected shortly.

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Yesterday’s Primary Shattered Turnout Records

Despite the pandemic, Massachusetts voters shattered turnout records in yesterday’s statewide primary – thanks to an emergency law championed by the Election Modernization Coalition and passed by the state Legislature earlier this summer. 

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11 Days After Deadline, No Regulations from Secretary of the Commonwealth on Safe Voting During the Pandemic

Under the landmark legislation signed into law last month providing Massachusetts residents with more voting options during COVID-19, the Secretary of the Commonwealth was required to issue a number of new regulations related to safe voting during the pandemic. Specifically, the law required him to “promulgate emergency regulations” regarding the processing of mail ballots in local communities by August 1, 2020, and further obligated him to issue regulations on safe in-person voting and electronic poll books. The electronic poll book regulations were due by July 15.

News Release | MASSPIRG | Democracy

Voting Rights Advocates and 80+ Organizations Celebrate Passage of Elections Bill

Critical legislation that will help keep elections safe, accessible, and participatory this fall in the face of threats posed by COVID-19 has been signed by Governor Baker. 


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