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New Report Shows How College Students and Senior Citizens Need More Public Transportation in Massachusetts

New report identifies the unique benefits that public transportation provides students seniors, their families, and the Commonwealth as a whole.

Report | MASSPIRG Education Fund | Transportation

Common Connections

College students and senior citizens account for more than one out of every five Massachusetts residents and share a need for high-quality alternatives to driving—particularly public transportation.

News Release | MASSPIRG | Transportation

MASSPIRG Assesses the Risks and Rewards of Public-Private Partnerships

A new MASSPIRG report examines whether high-speed rail should be public, private, or both. While public-private partnerships for high-speed rail could be very promising, they can also create a lot of pitfalls.

High-Speed Rail: Public, Private or Both?

High-speed rail public-private partnerships and efforts toward rail privatization abroad have a mixed track record. This report reviews a number of international cases of better and worse cases of contracting in Europe and Asia.

Testimony in Support of Transportation Revenue

By | Elizabeth Weyant
Staff Attorney

While MBTA recently experienced its highest public transportation ridership levels, our transportation system is splitting at the seams. Sustained high public transportation ridership would result in cleaner air, less dependence on oil, and less congestion on our roadways.  But without a significant investment in our transportation system, none of these benefits can be realized.

News Release | MASSPIRG | Transportation

Legislature Hears Testimony on Gas Tax Bills

The Joint Committee on Revenue heard testimony today in support of an increase in the gas tax.  MASSPIRG is calling on the legislature to increase revenue in order to fund transportation.

Waiting for a Ride

nevitably, aging experts note, a large share will find that their ability to navigate by vehicle diminishes or disappears over time. These millions of older adults will need affordable alternatives to driving alone in order to maintain their independence as long as possible.

Do Roads Pay for Themselves?

A new report released today from MASSPIRG disproves the myth that road-building is paid for by user-fees, showing that gas taxes cover barely half the costs of building and maintaining roads.



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