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No bailout for the plastics industry

Our taxpayer dollars should be used to fight the public health crisis, not to prop up polluters. Call on your U.S. representative to oppose bailing out the plastics industry.

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News Release | MASSPIRG

BOSTON -- In a survey of 15 Massachusetts cities, researchers at MASSPIRG found that, despite Gov. Charlie Baker’s July 13 executive order that allowed for the reinstatement of plastic bag bans and the use of reusable bags again, local delays and confusion remain in some jurisdictions. 

News Release | MASSPIRG

Under the landmark legislation signed into law last month providing Massachusetts residents with more voting options during COVID-19, the Secretary of the Commonwealth was required to issue a number of new regulations related to safe voting during the pandemic. Specifically, the law required him to “promulgate emergency regulations” regarding the processing of mail ballots in local communities by August 1, 2020, and further obligated him to issue regulations on safe in-person voting and electronic poll books. The electronic poll book regulations were due by July 15.

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In the spring, we shut down our lives and our economy in hopes of reducing the spread of COVID-19 enough to be able to manage it through widespread testing and contact tracing. In spite of that shutdown, today the virus is raging virtually uncontrolled. We didn’t stick with it until the job was done.

Blog Post

Our weekly trends assessment report on COVID-19 in Massachusetts.

News Release | MASSPIRG

Boston-- Amid uncontrolled spread of the novel coronavirus across the country, MASSPIRG and top health experts delivered a letter Wednesday to Governor Baker, noting that Massachusetts is in the “Yellow” column, according to COVID Exit Strategy, and calling on him to  be prepared to shut down again if new COVID 19 outbreaks emerge.


Coronavirus update

In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, we’ve taken steps for all of our staff to work remotely for safety reasons. But rest assured, we’ll keep advocating for you as we work for a healthier, safer world.

Learn more about how we can work together to address the COVID-19 pandemic.