Media Hit | Antibiotics

Overuse of antibiotics in animals is making us sick

Yes, we’re “running out of effective antibiotics,” as noted. But the solution cannot feature developing more, and more expensive, drugs. We can do something less costly that would be a common-sense move.

Media Hit | Financial Reform

Report: Top U.S. companies, including several based in Massachusetts, keeping $2.6 trillion in offshore tax havens

Close to three-quarters of Fortune 500 companies have money in offshore tax havens, according to a report released Tuesday by consumer groups. These companies have $2.6 trillion in offshore profits that are not being taxed in the U.S., according to the report.

Media Hit | Transportation

Boston's seaport eyed for testing new traffic management system

MASSPIRG's Matt Casale appeared on Fox 25 Boston to talk about the city's new traffic management system. 

Media Hit | Public Health

Get the Lead Out: Parents urged to take action on lead in school drinking water

As children head back to school, public health advocates are equipping parents with resources to address the issue of lead contamination in school water fountains.


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